School, College, and University Entrance Mats

Access mats with a logo for schools

Many people use Ultimate Mats all over the world. A school’s entry mat is the first opportunity to make a good first impression. All across the building, school logos can be found on marketing materials, uniforms, and signage. It’s a fantastic opportunity to reinforce the principles of the school logo right at the door.

With our free design tool, schools can preview their design before making a purchase. It isn’t just for students. Universities and colleges can order elegant and high-quality custom rugs with logo by visiting our site By allowing you to personalize the mat with your school colors, a robust school mat or matting system helps protect flooring.

Choose a color for your school or university.



Custom sizes are available.

Choose from a wide range of materials.

Before you buy something, have a look at the design.

In schools, there is a lot of social distancing.

Although it is unknown how social distance works in schools or other places of learning, it is not a bad idea to retain reminders. Our social distance mats will serve as a reminder to students to keep their distance as much as feasible. As the children return to school, they will also emphasize safety.

Safety mats are included in the kitchen setup.

School entry mats are still popular, but we also have matting goods that can be used in the canteen. Safety mats in the kitchen help keep your employees happy and healthy. These mats are anti-fatigue, allowing them to work comfortably. It’s critical to look after the personnel in the school kitchen because it’s a busy environment. Our school kitchen has all of the essential equipment for pupils to prepare meals in class.

These outdoor bristle carpets are great for physical education and make cleaning easier for the school.

When you think about it, the idea of a class of kids walking down to the changing room after a soggy soccer or rugby match makes logical. Rather than walking into the building, you can scrape your boots outside and collect as much mud as possible with hardwearing and dirt-gathering bristle mats. Even though they frequently share space with the school, sturdy outdoor rugs can be used to protect the changing spaces.

Swimming pools are available at many schools and institutions. Changing rooms are safer with our anti-slip swimming pool flooring. In addition to pool mats, it is critical to maintaining cleanliness in recreational facilities. Extra-large entry carpets reduce foot traffic and keep floors cleaner for longer.

With ultimate mats, you’ll be ready to go to school.

Parents, children, students, and teenagers have had a terrible few months. However, schooling will reopen in a few months. Prepare to replace your old floor mats with new ones.

People are more conscious of hygiene than they have ever been. When it comes to keeping schools, colleges, and institutions clean, floor mats are a fantastic addition. School entry mats can have a big impact on how people perceive schools in addition to trapping dirt and dust. It’s crucial to present the impression that the school/college cares about cleanliness.

Educational institutions differ from other types of buildings in that they experience spikes in high traffic for brief periods.

Students, instructors, and visitors go from building to building, bringing enormous volumes of dirt and waste with them, which can dirty interiors and rise cleaning and maintenance costs.

Recreation spaces, pathways, workplaces, and service areas can all benefit from our matting. For showers and changing rooms, we have hygienic, slip-resistant matting; self-draining, slip-resistant matting for swimming pool surrounds; anti-fatigue, cushioned matting for workshops and laboratories; slip-resistant, close-mesh matting for walkways with both foot and wheel traffic; and wide-spaced, open-grid matting for food preparation and catering areas.

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