CBD Oil for Colds- Can It Help with Flu Symptoms

Few people can get through winter with a mild sore throat or a common cold.

Although you could go down the standard route and get anti-cold medications, or even a shot against the flu that’s laden with unknown chemicals for your symptoms, you might be better off looking to natural remedies.

However, many doctors will not tell you that you can support your natural immunity by letting the flu and colds run their course. Herbal remedies include teas as well vitamins and minerals. There are also plant-based solutions such as CBD oil.

We have provided some information on how CBD can be used for immune enhancement and to protect you from infection.

CBD for a Cold

Inflammation that occurs in the nasal and upper airways can cause common cold symptoms. Though many viruses can trigger cold or flu symptoms, it’s usually the rhinoviruses that are responsible.

A common sign of a mild cold is a sore throat.

There is no cure, but most cold symptoms will disappear within two weeks.

CBD (cannabidiol), in many studies, is antiviral and antibacterial. It is also a potential therapy for colds.

Scientists have found CBD to be an anti-inflammatory, and analgesic.

One study concluded CBD could improve the quality of sleep for patients with anxiety disorders.

Poor sleep is linked with an increased risk of contracting the common illness. One study showed that people who are less satisfied with their sleep are more likely to contract the common cold from exposure to rhinoviruses.

Despite positive initial findings, CBD has no scientific basis to cure colds.

How CBD Oil Works To Help With Colds

Researchers have found CBD interacts with receptors of ECS, a major regulatory network that modulates many vital functions within the body.

CBD’s interactions with the ECS are thought to be the cause of its immunosuppressant actions. CBD can increase communication between immune cells. It can also selectively shut out overactive immune systems, which reduces inflammation.

CB1 receptor activation may be used to modify the sleep-wake cycle. CBD doesn’t directly bind CB1, but it does signal the ECS more endocannabinoids will be produced. Also, the ECS slows down its breakdown so that there is more CBD to bind CB1 receptors. This results in more restful sleeping.

CBD activates CB2 to produce anti-inflammatory effects. According to a study about respiratory viral infections, this receptor is responsible.

Is CBD Oil Good for Your Colds?

According to the studies, CBD is believed to be effective in relieving symptoms like inflammation and pain associated with the flu.

CBD oils can improve the quality of sleep for anxious patients. Lower quality of sleep is linked with a weaker immune system and higher susceptibility to infections.

CBD, unlike THC which is the psychoactive component in medical cannabis, doesn’t have any mind-altering effects. This means that CBD won’t negatively impact your day.

CBD oil is legal in the USA. You can buy CBD online without a prescription.

FDA supports research to determine the therapeutic potential of cannabis plants.

What is the Limitation of CBD Oil Use for Colds?

However, there has been no direct evidence linking CBD use to symptoms like flu and colds.

Even though CBD is extremely safe, it can cause some minor side effects in high doses. Side effects that have been observed in humans include dry mouths, dizziness, changes in appetite, and diarrhea.

CBD products don’t come with standardization, and the market for CBD isn’t regulated.

CBD or Other Natural Treatments of Colds

Vitamin C, probiotics as well as zinc are often recommended as possible preventive and interventional treatments for the common flu.

Vitamin C is known to decrease the duration and severity of colds.

Probiotics have antiviral properties that protect your body from upper respiratory tract infections.

CBD can work in combination with the other compounds and increase the efficacy of your cold treatment.

You will also find CBD products today that have vitamin C, probiotics, and zinc.

How can you choose CBD to treat colds?

When it is related to common colds, there are three main types for CBD: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate.

The full-spectrum product is the most desirable. These products contain all-natural compounds found in hemp, including CBD and terpenes. There are also trace amounts of THC.

Full-spectrum CBD can create the entourage phenomenon, which refers to synergistic results achieved by the aforementioned substances. The entourage effect makes the whole plant extracts more reliable and easier to use when it comes down to dosing.

Broad-spectrum CBD can be described as its full-spectrum counterpart. It does not contain THC. The intoxicating part of the cannabinoid that causes highs is removed during extraction.

CBD isolate refers only to pure CBD. This is CBD that has been isolated from other Hemp compounds and transformed into whitish-colored crystals. These crystals then get powdered into CBD products. The highest concentration of CBD per dose, however, is in isolates. They don’t cause the entourage effect which makes them the least popular.

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