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Good to see you! We are grateful for your interest in contributing to It-Sells.de by way of a guest blog. We are overjoyed that you could join us today.

We are constantly on the lookout for exceptional authors such as yourself who can generate content that our visitors will find beneficial.

If you are interested in contributing to our site and you write on topics such as home improvement, business, finance, vehicle, lifestyle, technology, family/parenting, travel, or entertainment, please get in touch with us.

To understand the prerequisites for submitting a guest blog, please take some time to read the instructions that have been provided below.

Due to the high amount of requests that we get, it may take some time before we can react to your contribution and post it on our website, even though we value the information that you have provided.

The Following Are The Bare Essential Criteria That Apply To Every Content That We Publish:

1. Compose the articles or blogs using short paragraphs with a word count of around 30–40 words each paragraph. The goal is to generate information that is readable while also being optimized.

2. Make use of the principal keyword while ensuring that the appropriate keyword density is used. Be sure to incorporate it into the material between the first 100 words and the last 100 words at the very least. Avoid overusing the same buzzwords.

3. At the end of the text, you should be sure to include a CONCLUSION for readers to consider. Maintain it as a heading for now.

4. Include the major keyword in the H2 heading as well as the title of the blog.

5. Avoid using boring phrases.

6. Attempt to avoid writing overly lengthy sentences. Maintain a length that is, on average, between 22 and 27 words.

7. Ensure that you punctuate the material correctly throughout the whole document.

8. When drafting the “if” clauses, be cautious not to make any mistakes. Take this case into consideration:

  • You are strongly encouraged to read this blog in its entirety if a trip to London is in your future. – NO
  • If you are thinking about going to London, you should check out this travel blog. – YES

9. Before you send the blogs out into the world, be sure to give them thorough proofreading and make sure there are no typos.

10. Include picture descriptions as well as meta descriptions in the blog.

11. Maintain a consistent word count of between 500 and 1500 in your blog posts. You are welcome to send us longer blogs that are related to the subject.

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